Graži kaip gėlė/ As pretty as...

Šis skrebukas skirtas dviems konkursams, nuotraukoje mažylė buvo trijų mėnesių.

This layout was made in the style of Simple and Clean. I would like to take part in 2 challenges with it.

The requirement is to use the given 3 colours. I avoided using too many details or too big pieces of the required colours, because the girl's dress allso has them: azure, raspberry and blackberry.

The requirement of which is to make a simple and clean layout.  Thank you for the idea! I felt so much pleasure while making this simple but elegant LO.


  1. jeigu norite ko nors panašaus - gal galėsiu pagelbėti :)

  2. Какая чудесная страничка! И палитра, и стиль соблюдены! Спасибо за участие в задании от блога журнала "Скрап-инфо"!

  3. Замечательная работа!Минимум деталей и максимум эмоций)))Спасибо, что участвуете в нашем задании "Скрап-Инфо".

  4. What a precious pic and a super sweet take on the color story! Thanks so much for playing along with us this week at The Play Date Cafe!

  5. Such an adorable layout! I just love how you've used our colours, so pretty. Thanks so much for joining in the fun with us over at The Play Date Cafe this week!